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Camelbak Classic (2L)

September 20, 2014
I wore this hydration/nutrition pack during the Spartan Race World Championships in Killington, Vermont. At Killington, the hills are unforgiving and the terrain is complex. The moment you forget about your footing, you’re out. This Camelbak did a great job of allowing me to stay on track with my hydration and nutrition, while never thinking that it was on my back, aside for when I grabbed the external tube for a drink. However, if I were to invest in another Camelpak I would get a larger liter capacity because although this one did me good for an 8-hour race, I took advantage of about 50% of the water that was provided on the course and it ended up being the perfect amount. I also filled up my pack at around mile 8. This was a 14.5 mile course. Regardless of this, I really love the size and I was able to cram in about 3 gels in the front zip, a Honeystinger waffle, and snuck a Cliff Builders bar aside the hydration compartment for emergency. Using this pack for leisurely day trips, hikes, or bike rides would work great! This Camelpak performed very well. I would give it about a 9/10.


Reebok Spartan Reversible Bra

July 30, 2014
This reversible bra is one of my favorite Reebok products. With a choice between which color you can wear on a regular basis and moderate support for almost any activity, it is really unique. Bonded edges of this bra are soft and won’t cut into you, but at the same time they hold things down for a supportive feel fit for running, cross training, core exercises, biking, etc. And, of course, it won’t let you down come Spartan Race day!

Photo Aug 09, 2 06 46 PM Photo Aug 09, 2 06 28 PM

Reebok Spartan Waterproof Sling Bag

August 9, 2014
As trail runners and cross training athletes we know our goods can get dirty and a good bag that also prevents water from seeping in is an added bonus! I recently tested out this Reebok Spartan Race Waterproof Sling Bag and it performed very well considering the gear and the dirty, wet atmosphere I was lugging it around. Although next time I would request to make it slightly larger, the material was great and put up with some sharp objects (scissors for cutting Rock Tape) that I put inside without puncturing it. The red slips and strap adjustable components definitely give this bag it’s Spartan look!!!



Race Calendar 2015

Boston Tune-Up 15K (April)
Reebok Spartan Race Tri-State Beast, Vernon, NJ (April)
Reebok Spartan Race Super, Boston, MA (June)
Blue Hills Trail Run, Milton, MA 12K (July)
Reebok Spartan Race Sprint, Boston, MA (August)
Olympic Distance Triathlon Boston, MA (August)
Reebok Spartan Race (Beast), Killington, VT (September)
Reebok Canton Road Race, Canton, MA (October)